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My pretty cool art :>

WARNING tread carefully .w.


People who probably draw way better than me seriously they're awesome :I




Dennor by 222222555555
I haven't drawn Hetalia in like half a year so the first thing I draw is a ship I've never drawn before :y I've never really drawn Denmark or Norway now that I think about it...anyway they are total cuties! I've been in a mood for them lately not sure why.
Jamie full body feminine by 222222555555
Jamie full body feminine
My genderfluid Oc Jamie and how they present themself usually on the days they feel more like a girl. She really likes cute sweaters, skirts, and stockings uwu She likes to get dolled up on her girl days but sometimes she can't be bothered to so it's good to ask for pronouns if you're unsure what they are on a certain day but she usually doesn't mind what you use but even then "they/them" is always a fantastic pronoun to use.

Jamie (c) 222222555555
Jamie full body masculine by 222222555555
Jamie full body masculine
This is just a full body ref of my oc Jamie as how they typically dress on the days they are feeling masculine. They're genderfluid so I'll be drawing them as a girl (AND IT'S NOT GENDERBENDING)

Jamie (c) 222222555555
A sitting Jackie by 222222555555
A sitting Jackie
Just some anatomy practice really...seeing if I can draw someone sitting

I apologize for the shit background

Jackie Valdez (c) 222222555555
Tagged by: :iconxilondruum:
-Post 10 things about yourself
-Tag 10 people
- Answer 10 questions, Make 10 more to be Answered.
- Post Rules

Things about myself-
1.I am Pansexual
2.I am 17
3.I am non binary
4.I have a girlfriend
5.I have a part in my school play
6.I am vice president of my schools anime club
7.I have two pet rabbits named Bucky and Bobo
8.I have a group of ocs who work in a gay bar
9.I'm in the middle of so many shows and books it's ridiculous
10.I waste 99% of my time on tumblr

   Bullet; Yellow Type of favorite music.
Indie Folk
    Bullet; Yellow Bands favorites.
The Decemberists and Florence and the machine
    Bullet; Yellow Reason for you start drawing.
No reason really, it was just fun
    Bullet; Yellow Digital or Traditional.
Digital...though I do love traditional
    Bullet; Yellow Genre of favorite Anime.
Comedy...I like to laugh more than I like to cry! haha!
    Bullet; Yellow Yaoi, Yuri or none?
Both? haha I really do love both a lot
    Bullet; Yellow Favorite Anime.
Hetalia, obviously. (I do love One Piece too though!)
    Bullet; Yellow Favorite couple and Why you like to this couple?
RussiaXEngland because...they are so perfect! like...just...gosh...I just wanna melt when I see fanart of them! They're two lonely old men and its perfect! been shipping them for like four years now...and I never plan to stop!
    Bullet; Yellow What do you think of my job?
uhm...I don't know? Good job, I suppose???
    Bullet; Yellow Do you like Tokyo Ghoul? What is your favorite character?
Yeah I like it it's pretty good. I guess my fave is Tsukiyama because he is absolute trash and belongs in a garbage can...and the French makes me happy...I really like Touka too...heh...

I would make questions and tag people but...I haven't been all that active on here so...I really don't have the friends to tag anymore...I'm surprised I was even tagged tbh

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Azumanga Daioh soundtrack
  • Reading: One Piece
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Drinking: Iced tea


222222555555's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Ivan x Arthur by Tea-Strawberry

Hello people of the art world I am Ivan 'Russia' Braginsky Nicole. You may call me various nicknames if you wish but, my main one is Nikki. I am a teenager who is obsessed with nations be it Hetalia or the real land masses. I like many other shows besides Hetalia like Hannibal, Supernatural, and Attack on Titan. I'ma serious reader of Homestuck and, a serious fan of Alice in Wonderland and all it's adaptations. I used to be a huge Happy Tree Friends and Sonic fan but, those days have pass though I still enjoy them from time to time. I have requests open but, it is not a promise if you ask for one it's more of if I like it, we're friends, or I feel like doing it. Yet art trades are always a for sure if you post your part first!

The most beautiful girl in the world~ :iconmissgela96:(my perfect England~)

Now some quick info

Name: Nicole, Nikolai
Nicknames: Nick, Nikki
Gender: Non-binary
Pronouns: She/He/Them
Lives: USA
Sexual Oriention: Demiromantic Pansexual
Relationship: Taken
Speaks: English
Learning: Russian and French
Cosplays: Russia, Castiel, Misty, Sanji, Armin(soon)
Cosplay wishes: Belarus, 2p!England, Fem!Russia, Pearl
My OTP: RusEng
Disliked ships: UsUk, RoChu, and incest ships
Favourite Hetalia character: Male- Russia Female- Ukraine
Roleplaying: Hetalia, OCS
Skype: Bubblegumfox
Art program I use: Sai

Well that's basically it C: so have fun and shoot me a message I guess

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