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My pretty cool art :>

WARNING tread carefully .w.


People who probably draw way better than me seriously they're awesome :I




Tori~ by 222222555555
An old oc that I revamped uwu my older watchers (if they haven't all left lol) will still remember her! Maybe!

Omg she is not a developed oc at all omg she's gonna be a really bubbly character, I know that much! and she loves tulips and gardening! hm I don't know much else!
Lady thorn by 222222555555
Lady thorn
A badass aromatic lady who is really strong uwu she loves to work out and she’s the warden of a prison~ She enjoys putting people in their place (especially misogynists, racists, and homophobes~) she takes shit from no one. She’s a scary lady on the outside but is also the lady who would walk girls to their cars/house at night to keep them safe.

Haven't really developed a character sheet up for her but uhm I plan to soon! The next picture of her I upload will have a more detailed explanation! 
New OC: Jackie by 222222555555
New OC: Jackie
Name: Jaqueline Valdez
Nickname: Jackie
Age: 25
Birthday: June 28
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner: None
Family: Mindy Valdez (daughter)
Friends: Akim Orlovsky, Orion Floros
Job: Waitress at a gay bar
Likes: Spending time at home with her daughter, drinking with Akim and Orion, spending time in the park
Dislikes: Being alone, Feeling hopeless, Biphobia, homophobia, her ex that left her when she was pregnant
Strengths: straightforward, strong willed, hard worker
Weaknesses: Emotions cloud judgement
Bio: She's been bisexual her whole life loving both men, and women. When she was 20 she met a guy and they started dating. She thought he was a great guy until one day she discovered she was pregnant and told him about it, only for him to get up and completely vanish, leaving her all alone with a child. Luckily for her she had her friend Akim who helped her through her pregnancy. He did anything he could for her even though he had only known her for a little while, as he had only lived in America for a few years. During those 9 months they bonded and he became her best friend. Akim even helped her get a job at the bar he started working at. Even though she is filled with hatred toward the man who left her she loves her daughter to bits, and if she had to go through it again, she would. She lives a happy life nowadays with he daughter and friends...her past was hard and confusing but she got through it, and will continue to push forward for a better life.

Information is subject to change as I see fit
Belarus color palette by 222222555555
Belarus color palette
Wow okay I haven't posted on here in like 5-ever so yeah
here's some color Palette Belarus
Send me a character and number on my tumblr if ya want :V…
I don't know I'm kind of bored and, I kinda want to do art and, get art!

You can ask me for anything really .u.
as long as it's not really graphic
I'll do any fandom (even ones I'm not in)
any character including ocs
any ship
Maximum of 3 characters

I only request that you either draw me RusEng (Can use nyotalia version for one or both of them if you with) or, My new oc Akim… in return for my art services .u.

comment below if interested!
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  • Listening to: Lana Del Rey
  • Reading: One Piece
  • Watching: Kill la Kill


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Ivan x Arthur by Tea-Strawberry

Hello people of the art world I am Ivan 'Russia' Braginsky Nicole. You may call me various nicknames if you wish but, my main one is Nikki. I am a teenager who is obsessed with nations be it Hetalia or the real land masses. I like many other shows besides Hetalia like Hannibal, Supernatural, and Attack on Titan. I'ma serious reader of Homestuck and, a serious fan of Alice in Wonderland and all it's adaptations. I used to be a huge Happy Tree Friends and Sonic fan but, those days have pass though I still enjoy them from time to time. I have requests open but, it is not a promise if you ask for one it's more of if I like it, we're friends, or I feel like doing it. Yet art trades are always a for sure if you post your part first!

The most beautiful girl in the world~ :iconmissgela96:(my perfect England~)

Now some quick info

Name: Nicole
Lives: America
Sexual Oriention: Pansexual
Relationship: Taken
Speaks: English
Learning: Russian and French
Cosplays: Russia, Castiel, Misty, Sanji, Armin(soon)
Cosplay wishes: Belarus, 2p!England, Fem!Russia, Sailor Venus
My OTP: RusEng
Disliked ships: UsUk and Rochu (I will not draw them EVER for ANYTHING)
Favourite Hetalia character: Male- Russia Female- Ukraine
Roleplaying: Only Hetalia really and I will also be anyone
Twitter: Evilcream
Skype: Bubblegumfox
Art program I use: Sai

Well that's basically it C: so have fun and shoot me a message I guess

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